Raspberry Jam West Virginia

The main event where IoTemy Labs was born!

SCHEDULE For the next Raspberry jam

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, and a statement published by the Raspberry Pi Foundation, there will not be a publicly held event for 2021, but we think 2022 would look better for a physical meetup!


If we do happen to have a digital-only event, we will let you know in the News tab of our website!




Coming Soon!

Once the COVID-19 pandemic phases out (or at least becomes at a managable state), we will have a schedule for out event.

Goals of the Raspberry Jam in WV

(Nicknamed Project 76)

We wanted to bring the Raspberry Jam to West Virginia so we could bring education of Computer Science to the hands that are looking to learn a new skill, create a new hobby, or even lead into bringing in new in-state technical careers! Brett’s plans were to have various Raspberry Jams around different areas of the Mountain State, and also working with local Universities to help them grow their Computer Science and / or Technical Services sectors to keep some talent here at home!

The idea was to have smaller jams at Local Universities (shown in the picture), and then leading them up to the Main Event in Charleston (Raspberry Jam WV), and to also be inclusive to those of all ages and educational backgrounds (public, private, or homeschool). Not every University is shown on the map, but, I am open to any university in West Virginia!


If you are from a West Virginia based University, a facility that would like to help my mission to bring education to the masses, or even my assistance in other states to bring Computer Science to the mainstream, don’t hesitate to call me, email me, fill out the contact form below, or leave me a voice mail, I will definitely be able to help! 

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