Bringing innovation and computer science to the Mountain State!


About Us

IoTemy Labs originally was was created by Brett White in Charleston, WV to start a charity to bring computer science and programming to his home state of West Virginia. He has seen the computer science scene in West Virginia lacking not only in the related job field, but also the lack of education and curriculum in WV Public Schools and Universities.

Brett’s goal is to expand to have a maker space in Charleston, WV, to include accessible 3D Printer, Small Scale printing services, an incubation office where startups can rent offices to bring local talent and help them grow, and also have small services he offers for Digital Advertising and Social Media, Website Development (Including this one!), but also focusing on the community and growing knowledge  about computer science and programming topics

Raspberry Jam West Virginia

The start of his mission to bring computer science and programming topics and gear accessible in a welcoming and fun atmosphere!